How I maintain my 3 year old’s natural hair

More often than not, I get asked how I maintain my daughter’s hair! Half the time i’m not quite sure how to answer this question without sounding a little confusing. So I’ve spent some time over the weekend to come up with a much easier way to explain how I do it. My daughter has got natural hair – 4c type. She’s always had natural hair and I hope she’ll want to keep it natural forever. In her tiny 3 […]

{Win} Mother’s day hamper from Neutrogena & Johnson’s baby – (Closed)

Each year comes with something different, whether it be adventure, lessons, grief, or happiness! It brings something! It may not always be something good for you; heck it may even be nothing sometimes. Point is it is never constant. That’s just the way of life. However, each year during the month of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day. This is a constant thing we do every year. The date may change but the meaning or sentiments behind it stays the same. […]

{21st Century Mom} – Meet Omphile, A Working Mom who’s single handedly running her business from her tiny kitchen at home

This week’s 21st century Mom is Omphile. A go-getter Mom who is not afraid to pursue her dreams regardless of all the challenges she maybe facing. She is a working Mom (9am to 5pm), runs a business, and is one amazing Mom to her GORGEOUS Daughter. I caught up with her and here’s a bit more about her and her business. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business   Baked By Opy is a baking business currently ran from my […]

{Blog Segment} 21st Century Mom

Today marks the beginning of May and a wonderful month to celebrate Mother’s all around the world. It also marks the beginning of the end of Autumn :(. Though I personally believe that Mothers should be celebrated and appreciated every single day, I still am very glad that we get to have a month/day dedicated specially to mothers. As a mom with no village around to help me, I’ve come to understand fully what people mean when they say being […]

A promise to my Daughter

I am an emotional wreck as i’m writing this. Tears, snot, everything you can imagine…it’s all happening! Tonight is one of those nights where I don’t have to stress about getting to work early because of work the next day. I am on leave tomorrow, so I had a couple of hours to kill before bedtime. I just spent those hours watching a movie called *As cool as I am*. This was just a random movie selection. I didn’t pay […]

Win a magical Mother’s Day with Snowflake & Manhattan Sweets – #DearFluffos

“For the first time ever, Snowflake and Manhattan Marshmallows have joined forces for a truly delicious Mother’s Day campaign. This Mother’s Day will be too fresh to flop thanks to Snowflake and Manhattan Marshmallows.” Every once in a while when i’m lazy to do baking mixes from scratch, I use the Snowflake premix. I always make sure to keep one in our grocery cupboard and it always – without fail – comes in very handy. Especially at random times when […]