Who says winter must be dull and boring – Colourful Winter Fashion

Kbear’s favourite shoes I can barely believe that winter is finally here. I have been in denial this whole time, holding onto to the nice toasty days of summer, and telling myself that winter won’t be as cold. Well, I can tell you now that I was wrong 🙁 or maybe I wasn’t. It could just be the pure HATE relationship that I have with winter [pretty surprising because I am a winter Baby – July bday] that is making […]

What My toddler wears / How I dress my toddler

Toddler Style When I was pregnant I wished and prayed to have a little girl. This is simply because I personally think that having a girl as a first born child is an advantage in a long run, especially if you are a neat freak…LOL. Which is why I’m so glad for my mom that I was her first born child. So anyway, when we found out that we were indeed having a girl, I was beyond happy. For the […]