The impact of Cyber bullying on my Social Anxiety

Today I got home early. Not because I left work earlier than normal but because I used Uber. I didn’t walk like I always do. To be honest I didn’t have the energy to do it. In fact I don’t have energy for anything! Yesterday I was supposed to put up a blog post and I didn’t. Right now, i’m supposed to be filming for my Youtube channel and i’m not. I have been trying to put up pictures on […]

5 ingredients Dinner Recipe

Coming up with dinner recipes can sometimes be such a challenge for me. There are days when I literally draw blanks when it comes to cooking dinner. Days where I open the fridge and I pretty much have no idea what we will eat. So I grab the first few things I see and run with it! Sometimes the food turns out amazing, and other times, we just eat because….well,we can’t throw it away. This happened to me recently – […]

5 lessons I’ve learned from my group holiday

About 2 weeks ago I went on holiday with a group of 12 ladies. Yes, 12 ladies! I had been desperately needing a break from parenting and all the duties that come with it and this holiday couldn’t have come at a better time. To be honest I felt like I was drowning slowly and I had no one to rescue me. I was tired, exhausted and my impatient self was starting to shine through. Normally I go on holidays […]

Simple habits to live a happier life

How often do we find ourselves complaining and moaning about our lives and situations in our lives? Most importantly, how often do we take a moment to actually just appreciate our lives? Personally,┬ásometimes I get pulled into that dark corner of self pity. Where I moan and complain, and where I just take several moments to be miserable. I mean don’t we all? Or is it just me? My word, I hope i’m not alone in this! Anyway, I’ve grown […]

How to be productive as a working Mom with a busy schedule

7 times out of 10 in a day i’m asked how is it that I manage to be a Mom, Work full time, Blog, manage 2 Youtube channels and still keep my sanity! Truthfully, sometimes I wonder as well :)! I’ve spent most of my high school days drifting around without a clue whether I was going or coming. There was no order – only “organised” chaos. At that point in my life, I really thought I had it all […]

My Favourites Winter 2016 Beauty Products

Normally I don’t make blog posts about my favourites beauty products. Not because I don’t want to but because I always talk about my beauty favourites in videos . However this month feels different. It is finally the end of winter and the beginning of my favourite season – Spring! It’s time to show off those beautiful legs we’ve been covering up with layers of clothes during the cold winter days and the time to enjoy ice cream without runny […]