10 Commandments for shopping with kids

Do you like to go shopping with your kids? Is it a nice experience? Do you ever feel overwhelmed? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then this post is exactly for you. I recently attended a wonderful launched event – Cresta Family Room – where the best selling author and parenting expert Nikki Bush was one of the key speakers. She spent a good amount of time sharing with us some very valuable tips for going shopping […]

The new Family Room Oasis for Parents shopping with Little ones – {Cresta Shopping Centre}

Shopping is such a fun thing to do but, when you have to do it with little ones, it can be rather overwhelming and tiresome. I cannot tell you how many times i’ve been to a mall and witnessed little ones throwing major tantrums while their parents tried to quickly hurry up and finish off the shopping – myself included. This somewhat has become the norm of shopping with kids. Or has it? Last week Cresta Shopping centre opened doors […]

How effective is your Parenting Style?

For 3 full years i’ve been using the Authoritative style of parenting. This wasn’t by choice! It just kind of naturally happened. To be honest I didn’t even know there were formal names or parenting styles until about a year ago. The Authoritative style of parenting is┬ámostly┬ácharacterized by reasonable demands and high responsiveness. Some of the characteristics include Giving children the opportunity to express themselves/opinions Listening to children/kids Practicing fairness and consistency in discipline Pretty much what i’ve been doing! […]

My Dearest Daughter – This year we PLAY!

In 2016, I wanted to do it all. Actually, I had to do it all. Or at least I thought I did… I spent most of my time cleaning, doing dishes, and basically making sure our house is presentable all day everyday. I also spent most days and nights exploding with guilt. To be specific, Mom guilt! Guilt because I felt like I was missing out on my daughter’s life. She was right there with me and yet I felt […]

Baby products I REGRET buying

Being a first time Mom was probably one of thee most exciting things that i’ve been through. All I wanted to do was shop, shop, and shop some more. This lead to me buying thing that honestly weren’t really all that necessary. But I didn’t know any better. For all I know, I was pregnant and impatiently waiting for little one to finish baking so I can finally hold her in my arms. At first I was convinced I needed […]

TO have or NOT to have baby number 2

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about having baby number 2 and what it’d be like for us. Mostly it’s been about how it’d be like for our little girl. She’s so used to being the only child that she literally describes us as “Daddy King, Mommy Queen, and Kamo Princess(being herself)”. Yes, this might not mean much but its got me thinking; Would she be accommodating, would she love the little one? Would she be happy? […]