My Newest BFF – Neutrogena Correct & Perfect CC Cream

Neutrogena Correct & Perfect CC Cream This is a review on the New Neutrogena Correct & Perfect CC Cream [Watch full video review here]. This product has not launched just yet in South Africa but will hopefully hit the stores around July 2016. It was sent to me via mail – Courtesy of Beauty Bulletin – in an exchange for an honest review. Just incase you are not sure, CC in CC Cream stands for Colour Corrector or Complexion […]

New Neutrogena Correct & Perfect Complexion Scrub

Complexion Scrub With Winter fast approaching and a little bit of dry skin due to the hush weather, it can be a tough mission to find beauty products that can not only keep ones skin hydrated but also keep it looking alive and glowing. 2 weeks ago, I received a package in the mail – [courtesy of Beauty Bulletin] – and in this package was 2 beauty products that have now become my absolute BFF’s. One of those products was […]

Garnier Ultimate Blends Review

Garnier Ultimate Blends Natural Hair products For the very longest time, I could not find hair products that could keep my Daughter’s hair moisturized. She has all Natural hair, 4c type, and because she is just a little toddler, she doesn’t quite like covering her hair, let alone her head. So it’s close to impossible for me to keep her hair nicely covered and protected. As you can imagine, the hair gets dry very fast and I get pretty frustrated […]

Good bye Oily face and Hello Garnier Oil Control Complete

Garnier Oil Control Complete Having a busy life and actually finding products that can withstand the busyness can be a bit challenging at times. I spent most of my weekdays going up and down to different boardrooms at work, attending meetings, and at times talking to very important clients. Unfortunately with all this, comes an oily face :(.  For some women, myself included, an oily face can be a dent to the self-esteem and personally, it makes me a little […]

My fears of using Make-Up!!!

As a young girl who grew up in a village and being raised by a mother who did not use makeup at all, I grew up with an extreme phobia of make up. I know, I know, this sounds really weird…….but you see, if you have a mother who tells you that the reason why she doesn’t use make-up is because she doesn’t want to loose he skin complexion, you sort of start to think and eventually believe that make-up […]