Vacation Day 5 – Cape Town – Lounging Around

This was thee most perfect day ever. All we did was sit inside our suite and watch movies. Though I must say, we were totally home sick. The most we’ve bee away from home on Vacation/Holiday is 3 days or over the weekend. However this time we were gone for a week and it kinda drove us crazy at the end. And so after watching about 2 movies on DSTV, I busted out my phone and we started posing for […]

Vacation Day 4 – Cape Town – Kbear turns 21 months Old

This day was all about Kbear. Everything we did today revolved around her and I guess it’s safe to say that our holiday mode paused for a lil…LOL. Again the weather was back to normal, Cloudy, misty, and a lil windy. Which now when i think about it, I realize that it’s probably where we are staying – Camps Bay. When we drove to Sea Point/Green Point, it was warm and almost sunny. Anyway, we didn’t let the weather get […]

Vacation Day 3 – Cape Town – UCT / Table Mountain

Table Mountain Covered with clouds I can’t believe i’m only posting this now. A whole 2 days later…thanks to exhaustion. But don’t worry, i still have details of this day as fresh as though they only happened yesterday. Anyway,let me not waste time. For the 1st time since we arrived in Cape Town we had a super beautiful and sunny day. Which honestly caught us off guard because we came prepared for the cold and not the heat. So as […]

Vacation Day 2 – Cape Town – Rainy Day / Mini Road Trip

OMW, today has been kinda crazy with the rainy weather. But the weird thing is that I liked it. It was somehow refreshing and sort of exactly what I needed. However before I start sharing how our day went, I need to first start off by saying that I had thee longest night of my life last night. I woke up 2 to 3 times because i ran out of sleep. Which is quite weird because I love my sleep. […]

Vacation Day 1 – Cape Town – Flight/Accommodation

It has been a very long time since we took a legit vacation. 19 Months to be exact…LOL. Since Kbear was born, the only *Vacations* we’ve been taking is going to see my mom..How sad…So we decided it was about time we started travelling again and of course we picked Cape Town. We have been wanting to go to visit Cape Town for the longest time and deciding to finally wasn’t a difficult decision at all. However because now we […]