{Win} Double ticket to MamaMagic The baby expo – (Closed)

Shopping for baby necessities stuff – especially while still pregnant – is not the easiest thing to do. Hoping from one shop to another and the exhaustion that come with it all makes it a bit daunting at times. Luckily the MamaMagic – The Baby expo is here to bring all the products one would need under one roof. From necessities (nappies) to luxuries (strollers); they are all there. This year, the first installment of the expo will run from […]

Get to know my Toddler

Many a times I write posts on here and I mention my daughter whom I refer to as Kbear and/or Little one. I Never really have taken some time out to formally introduce her to you. So I thought it’d be interesting to have her introduce herself the only way we know how – video. This is a small video that we filmed randomly at home and wasn’t really sure whether or not I was going to share it but […]

Baby products I REGRET buying

Being a first time Mom was probably one of thee most exciting things that i’ve been through. All I wanted to do was shop, shop, and shop some more. This lead to me buying thing that honestly weren’t really all that necessary. But I didn’t know any better. For all I know, I was pregnant and impatiently waiting for little one to finish baking so I can finally hold her in my arms. At first I was convinced I needed […]