{Win} Baby Dove products hamper – (Closed)

{Win} Baby Dove products hamper – (Closed)

Life with a newborn baby can be anything from exciting to down right exhausting. You are up at night changing nappies and singing songs that don’t even exist just to get your little one to sleep. Then when he/she falls asleep, you are the one up worrying about anything and everything from is he/she breathing to when last did I even feed him/her. Sounds familiar?

Well, that’s kind of been my reality lately. But thankfully I am finally finding my feet and adjusting to life as a Mom of 2, and you know, running on 3 hours of sleep daily isn’t that bad anymore. I’ve settled into a small routine that keeps me sane and have found products that I really truly like and work best on my son.

Newborn babies come with a set of challenges but when you have the right products on hand, you will do just fine. I’ve been using Baby Dove products on my Son from the day he was born and I could not be happier. They are so gentle on him and smell so good, it’s incredible. Like his big sister, he also has sensitive skin and anything that is a slight bit harsh on his skin will have him spotting a reaction in a few minutes.

Since sharing is caring and I enjoy sharing all the good stuff that work for me, I am giving away a baby dove hamper to 1 lucky Mom or Mom-to-be. In the hamper you’ll receive

  • Baby Dove body wash
  • Baby Dove wipes
  • Baby Dove Bar soap
  • Baby Dove Petroleum Jelly
  • Baby Dove nappy cream
  • Baby Dove body lotion

To enter for the giveaway you must:
-Be living within the boarders of South Africa
-Be subscribed to this blog (PS: It’s free)
-Comment below and tell me which baby dove product you’ve tried or what’s been your go-to brand for baby products and why.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday on my Facebook page (Mommy and Baby Approved) so be sure to follow me there as well.



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