{Book Review} Origin by Dan Brown ( A book that touched my soul – I think)

This is a complete first for me! I tried by all means to not say anything but boy is it hard!

I am not a big reader – granted I really enjoy reading books to/with my Daughter – but I am overall not a big reader.

I have bought many books and novels in a full attempt to get myself into reading those but it hasn’t been so successful. It’s very difficult for me to concentrate on a book especially now more than ever with a 4 year old running around the house.

But with this being said, I still have not given up on reading or in this case books/novels.

A few months ago I took a leap into the whole audio book hype. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into but I went anyway. I listened to a few books. Some motivational, some novels, and others memoirs! Some were a complete miss while others – like Origin by Dan Brown – were an ABSOLUTE win.

Every time we go on a road trip, we ALWAYS take an audio book with. Yes, we listen to music but after a while that gets tiring and the audio book comes to the rescue.

During our 2017 cross country road trip, we took a science fiction book titled Origin by Dan Brown among other audio books.

In this book a billionaire scientist/futurist – Edmond Kirsch – makes an astonishing discovery. He however, believes his discovery will threaten the Christian society and with this organizes a private meeting with 3 famous Parliament of the world’s religion members to get their opinion.

Though the private meeting went well, the Parliament members were not very comfortable with Edmond’s discovery. They raised their concerns with him and Edmond told them he will be hosting a public meeting in a month’s time to share his discovery. This however was not true! Edmond instead hosted the meeting 3 days after the private meeting with the Parliament Members giving them very little time – none infact – to stop him from going public with his announcement.

At the end 2 of the 3 Parliament members were found dead and Edmond Kirsch himself was murdered.

This book is filled with adventure, thrill, and so so much food for thought that it had me stay up all night listening to it. LITERALLY. Edmond Kirsch’s discovery is basically our reality today. The world we live in now, our habits, the technology, the social media…..  exactly what Edmond discovered. In a way I feel like this is why I loved this book so much. I could relate to it and that thrilling touch of mystery and adventure had me hooked from page 1.

We listened to it on the way home from Namibia and we drove all night, the full moon shining bright, covered with a light layer of cloud, a cold breeze on my face, Kbear tucked safely to sleep on the back seat, and my oh so wonderful boyfriend’s seamless driving; It was basically the perfect mood to be listening to an audio book. We drove the whole night (literally got home at 4am) but we barely felt it. We were so intrigued by this book, both literally holding our breaths at one point, and at the other, our jaws completely on the floor. Not a hint of exhaustion!

It’s been almost a month since that night and yet I remember that book like I listened to it just yesterday. This is a complete first for me. I normally listen to audio books, get inspired, and get over it. Yet here I am, almost a month later and I still have not been able to shake this one off. I am honestly secretly wishing they make a movie out of this book because Lord knows I will spend my money on that movie ticket for sure. It will be money well spent for sure.

Have you read or listened to this book? {Origin by Dan Brown}

If not, I really recommend that you do, it’s simply amazing!

You can get one here: https://www.takealot.com/origin/PLID44793403PS: It’s on sale too 🙂.

Happy reading.



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